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Standards Technology - St Anne's House Dental Practice

Our aim is to provide every patient with the best service possible, at every appointment. No matter whether you come to see us for a routine dental check-up or for a complex full-mouth restoration with dental implants, we constantly strive for excellence.

  • We genuinely care about the wellbeing and happiness of all of our patients, and every member of staff is committed to providing the highest standards of care, constantly furthering their knowledge through post-graduate education, professional courses and experience. Recent courses include advanced root canal therapy and advanced aesthetic dentistry.
  • We use the latest tried and tested treatment techniques and highest-quality materials, which have been selected for their safety and reliability. To help you understand the treatment you need, we use intra-oral cameras that link up to our practice iPad, so you can see what we see. We also use digital x-rays, which give off significantly less radiation than standard x-rays.
  • We also use the latest materials, including highly aesthetic composite material for bonded fillings, applied with the latest bonding techniques, and the use of minimally invasive dentistry.

At St Anne’s House we constantly invest in our practice so that we can continue to offer the highest quality of services. We also regularly add to and improve the roster of services that we offer, so that we can continue to provide you with the highest standards of care. Recent additions include:

Recent improvements to the practice and equipment include:

  • 1. Improvement works to the outside of the building
  • 2. Intra-oral cameras to demonstrate our work to patients
  • 3. Specialist equipment for root canal treatment
  • 4. All dentists now wear x4-5 magnification zoom lenses for the highest level of work in all cases with a head lamp
  • 5. Investment in new staff and training (new nurses all have more than 10 years of experience)
  • 6. New digital x-ray system
  • 7. New screens to be able to better show and explain the images to patients
  • 8. New overhead lights for better visibility and clarity when working
  • 9. Changes to our suction system to improve patient comfort by removing water and saliva from the mouth more effectively
  • 10. Ultrasonic diffusers in all rooms, providing a pleasant, calming scent
  • 11. Noise reducing headphones available to block out the noise of the drill