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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a treatment name that can make even the bravest patients feel nervous. However, thanks to our commitment to pain-free dentistry, our skilled practitioners and advanced techniques and equipment, root canal treatment at St Anne’s House should feel no more traumatic than getting a filling. It’s also essential because without it you could lose your tooth.

We have invested a lot of time and training into making root canal treatment as comfortable as possible. Dentist Asheesh Paul has recently completed a two-year advanced course to treat more complex endodontic cases. We have also recently invested in new technology, including a special endodontic microscope to enable us to see clearly down into the root canal anatomy and ultrasonic cleaners that gently clean inside your tooth without damaging its structure.

Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp at the centre of the tooth becomes infected. This can happen after an injury to the tooth, or as a result of untreated tooth decay. Leaking old fillings can also result in the need for root canal treatment.

Patients’ main concerns about root canal treatment revolve around pain, unpleasant tastes of cleaning products if they come into contact with other parts of the mouth, and of having to keep their mouth open for up to 1.5 hours. Root canal treatment is a skilled, delicate procedure, so appointment times are longer than for some other treatments.

We’ve worked hard to make sure none of those problems are an issue for our patients. We practise pain-free dentistry, using topical gel to numb your gum before injecting local anaesthetic. A special rubber sheet is used to isolate the tooth, hugging tightly around it. This enables the dentist to work to the highest standards in a clean, sterile environment, and is much more comfortable for patients, as you won’t feel or taste any liquids or other materials in your mouth.

Concerns about jaw ache from keeping your mouth open are countered with a special rubber device you bite down on to stop your muscles getting tired, and we invite you to listen to your favourite music to help you relax.

Your dentist will carefully remove all traces of infection and thoroughly clean your root canals using special ultrasonic cleaners that vibrate at very high speed, gently cleaning the canals whilst preserving healthy tooth structure. The tooth is then filled and may need to be reinforced with a crown.

Thanks to our advanced training, we are also able to treat complex cases including:

  • Removing and redoing failed root canals
  • Clearing calcified/blocked canals
  • Root treating teeth with complex anatomies, eg curved roots or extra canals

St Anne’s House also accepts referrals from other dental practices for complex endodontic treatment. Please visit our referral page if you are a dentist with a patient you would like to refer.

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