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Promises & Values

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At St Anne’s House, we are as far away from a faceless corporate dental practice as you can get. We believe in listening to and entering into a dialogue with our patients, to provide the most appropriate, tailor-made treatment for each individual.

Our practice ethos is to provide the highest standards of treatment for new and existing patients, customised to meet each patient’s individual wants and needs. We believe that we have something unique to offer, and our promises and values reflect that.

We promise to listen:

The whole team at St Anne’s House believes that a relationship of trust between patient and dentist is key to providing successful treatment. We will listen to your issues and concerns and answer any questions you may have honestly in a way that is easy to understand. Never hesitate to ask us any questions you may have at any time before, during or after treatment.

We promise to provide the most appropriate solution for you:

At St Anne’s House we believe in long-term solutions, not quick fixes. If you are in need of treatment we will recommend the most appropriate solution, taking into account your individual needs, wants and lifestyle. We will discuss all treatment options available with you, helping you to make an informed choice.

We promise to be honest:

We take a balanced approach to treatment, taking into account your wants and needs along with lifestyle factors. If you’ve come to us with a particular treatment in mind and we don’t believe it’s the best solution to meet your needs, we will tell you. We will explain why a particular treatment may not be the best option in your case, and will fully explore other, more suitable treatment options to achieve the best possible results.

We promise to use the latest and best technology and techniques:

We want to look after the health of our patients for years to come by providing the highest standards of care. Our team members are constantly expanding their knowledge through post-graduate research and training. We embrace the latest advances in materials, technology and techniques to provide each and every patient with an exemplary standard of care at every appointment.

We promise to treat you with respect:

We welcome patients from all backgrounds and will not accept discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sexuality, ability, age or on any other grounds.