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Fee Guide

Children (18 and under) at St Anne's House Dental Practice get free dental care under the NHS

Fees correct as of March 2022.

CHILDREN under 19 Free
YOUNG ADULTS 19-25 Membership Plan Monthly
Emergency from £39
New Patient Consultation Including Radiographs £79
RADIOGRAPHS Small Each £17
Large panoramic (upper and lower jaws) £69
HYGIENE The length of the appointment will be decided by your dentist after an examination and plan
Oral Health Advice and Plan 30mins £70
Regular 30mins* £70
Extended Referral from dentist required 60mins* £140
New Patient comprehensive clean     £140
Smoking Stain Removal Stubborn Stains 30mins £99
Dentomycin Adjunctive Treatment* additional to above tx. £45
Antibiotic Prohylaxis £20
Direct Access Appointment 60mins £140
PERIODONTAL THERAPY Initial Assessment & Reviews carried out by your dentist 20mins £69
Debridement per 1/2 mouth Referral from dentist required 45mins £169
3/12 Re-assessment Carried out by your dentist 20mins £69
RESTORATIONS Amalgam Small From £98
Medium From £136
Large From £169
Composites Small From £99
Medium From £149
Large From £199
Extra-Large From £249
ROOT CANAL THERAPY Investigation (open & assess if the tooth is restorable) 45mins £149
Extirpation for Emergency Pain Relief 30mins £149
RCT 1 canal From £429
2 canals From £599
3 canals From £799
If extra session required due to complexity additional £99
Usually completed in 1 to 2 visits, includes radiograph but restoration is additional
Due to the complexity of the procedure and variations in anatomy, individual personal estimates will be given
CROWNS MCC Bonded crown with metal substructure £599
Full Porcelain (all ceramic) Emax £672
Zirconia £649
FGC depends on Gold 30% Gold £739
by weight 60% Gold £799
INLAYS/ONLAYS same price as equivalent crown
DENTURES Acrylic Single Upper or Lower From £699
C/c From £1,245
Metal Co-Cr From £1,149
VENEERS Porcelain Lab made each £649
Composite Lab made each £469
Gum Veneer Lab Made Soft Silicone Includes a spare £677
EXTRACTIONS Severe Mobility depends on complexity From £83
Uncomplicated From £97
Complicated From £137
Surgical From £179
Lower Wisdom Teeth From £231
In Surgery £550
Top up Individual syringes £29
OCCLUSAL SPLINTS Michigan/Tanner £569
Soft £149
NiTi or SCi (Anterior) £369
MOUTHGUARDS Sports Protective Range of colours £74
Dr. Ash Paul
Assessment & Treatment Plan Letter Incl. Intra-oral X-rays 30mins £100
Per Tooth approx. £2,500
Bone Graft from £367
3D CT Scan Referral required as carried out elsewhere £199
Due to the complexity of the procedure and variations in anatomy, individual personal estimates will be given
EXTRAS Crown Lengthening (surgical) per tooth £179
Crown margin subgingival preparation per tooth £49
Gingivectomy (non-surgical) per tooth £59
Nayyar Core (amalgam) per tooth £99
Bonded Composite Core Uncomplicated per tooth £99
Complex per tooth £129
Fibre-Post and Core per tooth £179
Name Tags for Dentures £39
Recement Crown or Bridge from £69
Temporary Restoration per tooth £59
Complex Shade Matching £49
Functional Aesthetic Try-In from £276
Diagnostic Wax-up per tooth £39
Occlusal Records (upper and lower) £69
Provisional crowns charged individually and dependent on material used Varies
Dr. Julie Yeung
Assessment 10mins £25
Pre-dental treatment Session Before your prescribed tx. 20mins £60
A referral from your dentist will be required
Dr. Julie Yeung
Assessment 20mins £95
Anti-Snoring Appliance 2 visits £573
Tina Riebl
Assessment 30mins £50
Per Session 45mins £75
A referral from your dentist will be required
Dr. Ash Paul
Using IV Midazolam Administered here per session £395
Using an External Anaesthetist Complex cases only £500-£750
Cheek enhancement From £499
Nasiolabial folds 1 ml £325
Marionette Lines 1ml £325
2 Areas £249 For men: £299
3 Areas £299 For men: £349
Please note: more than 3 areas is £100 additional per treatment Areas treated:
Forehead lines

Frown lines

Gummy smiles
Crow's feet

Nose bunny lines

Dimpled chin/Chin softening
Eyebrow lift

Lifting corners of the mouth
OTHER AREAS Teeth grinding or clenching/ Jaw slimming £449
Hyperhidrosis/ Excessive sweating £549
Nefertiti Neck lift £449
Dr. Roopa Kukadia
Initial Consultation £150
Clear Aligners per arch From £2,500
Fixed Metal From £2,500
Fixed All Ceramic From £3,500
Lingual (not visible from front of the mouth) From £6,995
Replacement retainers (top & bottom) Removable £250
Lingual retainers (top & bottom) Fixed £299

All treatment is provided on a private basis. A personal treatment plan will be provided for your approval. The final choice of treatment always rests with the patient.

Due to the nature of dentistry, estimates may vary according to the degree of difficulty of the treatment. Should any changes need to be made, the patient's approval will always be sought in advance.