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Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Scared of the Dentist – Have No Fear!

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

A visit to the dentist is probably nobody's favourite outing. However, for some, they dread the thought so much that they avoid going altogether… or need a 'tranquiliser' to help them face their fear.

St. Anne's House Dental Practice (Cookham) has now invited the services of a hypnotherapist who will be working from the practice's newly created private consultation room. Her focus is to not only overcome any dental fears or phobias but also help with many other dental issues such as teeth grinding, gagging, pain management and assist stopping smoking to name just a few of the many applications of hypnosis in the dental field.


Tina Reibl, has been a long standing client at St. Anne's House, and is an experienced and highly qualified therapist who has been running the Maidenhead Hypnotherapy Centre for the last 15 years. She truly believes in our ethos of quality patient care and is branching out to join Dr. Ash Paul who has just started a cosmetic, 'sleep dentistry', botox and implant service at St. Anne's House.

Dr. Paul: 'We are aiming to offer our patients a comprehensive range of services by adding treatments that benefit our clients. We genuinely want to support our patients and as such we carried out a survey of what they would like from us. Working for 10 years, I have noticed, we can only help our patients so much. This is why I have requested the help of Tina to help manage the cases that sometimes we can't treat as medical professionals'.