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Why Choose Acupunture?

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Why Choose Acupuncture?
Are you nervous about dental treatment?

Well acupuncture can be used to help 'dampen your anxiety' and can enable you to have dental treatment without recourse to sedation with drugs. Immediately after having the acupuncture your treatment can then be carried out with local anaesthetic as normal. It is very safe, effective in most people and does not require prior preparation nor an accompanying escort.

Do you gag when something is in the mouth?

This can be a significant barrier to receiving all dental treatment or just some specific dental procedures such as having X-rays or impressions taken. Acupuncture can immediately reduce the sensitivity so that your examination or treatment can proceed with minimal or no gagging, in relative comfort.

As your dentist, Julie can provide the acupuncture at the time of your examination or treatment. Alternatively, she can provide the acupuncture just prior to your appointment with your normal dentist or hygienist. Just speak to Michele to arrange the right appointment.

Do your sinuses get blocked regularly and feel uncomfortable?

If a definite diagnosis of sinusitis has been made by your dentist or doctor then acupuncture can help to relieve the symptoms of congestion and face-ache. Often a single session is all that is needed but sometimes a course of 3-4 visits may be needed.

TMD: Temporomandibular Dysfunction

This maybe diagnosed by your dentist if you have painful clicking jaw joints. Usually a soft diet, anti-inflammatories and jaw exercises are all that are needed, sometimes a bite guard is prescribed and sometimes acupuncture can help to relieve the symptoms. A course of 3-4 vists may be needed.

Do you suffer from intense and regular headaches?

Julie can treat headaches that have been diagnosed as benign by your doctor. Relief may not be immediate and several sessions may be needed but this is a very effective option for many people and can avoid the need for strong drugs.

NB. For sinusitis, TMD and headaches relief from symptoms may not be immediate, several sessions may be required and success is not guaranteed.