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In pain?

The teeth and the tooth attachments may give rise to painful symptoms as a result of decay, abscess, gum (periodontal) disease or eruption problems. The pain may vary from an intermittent or fleeting sensitivity; sensitivity to hot and cold that may indicate the early onset of decay; to the most dreadful acute throbbing pain caused by advanced decay and a dental abscess. In this latter case it may be impossible even to touch the teeth together and eating may be difficult.

Toothache can be nightmare

Our promise is to always ensure you are seen on the same day. Wherever possible, we will make space to fit you in, as we understand that having a sore tooth can be 'worse than having a baby' (so our patients tell us).

Give Michele a call and she'll be happy to advise and take care of you.

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We want to help and we understand that being in pain is the worst time to talk about money.

So we've decided to offer 50% off an emergency consultation. See our Special Offers page for more information.

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