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Sleep Better

If you or your partner are troubled by your snoring then this appliance may help you both get a better night's sleep. Snoring is usually a result of the partial closure of the airway and vibration of the soft tissues in the throat during sleep. By bringing your jaw forward the Sleepwell appliance can open up the airway and reduce the soft tissue vibrations which are the snoring sounds.

Some snorers have a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and this needs medical attention not an anti-snoring device. So before we provide you with a Sleepwell appliance we will ask you to complete a snoring assessment. This can be done online by visiting where there is more information about snoring, OSA and the Sleepwell appliance. Alternatively book an assessment with Julie.

If your snoring is not OSA related then we can provide you with a Sleepwell. This requires one appointment for impressions and then a fitting 2 weeks later. It is then usually a good idea to have a review after a month or so.

  • 1st appointment - 20min - snoring assessment
  • 2nd appointment - 30mins - impressions and bite record
  • 3rd appointment - 40 mins - 2 weeks later - Fit
  • Total cost £550
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