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These days, there is growing evidence to show that if we look better and take care of ourselves, we feel better. The early signs of ageing can be quite demoralizing for anybody. These days, there are relatively quick and simple techniques to mask these effects without surgery.For a lot of people, there is still the stigma attached with plastic surgery, which can be often deemed a very drastic and extreme step. Fillers (made of natural collagen, which we already have in our body), if placed in the right locations, can have the same effect or better than surgery; without the recovery, pain and swelling involved.The procedure takes 15-20mins and the effects are instant. They last between 6-9months and are reversible, because the collagen is naturally broken down by the body over time.

Come in and talk to Michele about the procedure and how we make you comfortable at St. Anne's House. Your confidentiality is our priority. This is why we feel we are best suited and highly qualified to look after your needs.

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Coming to the dentist these days, doesn't need to be 'torture', you can come out looking better too!

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