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Patient Stories

St Anne's House Dental Practice

I have been considering teeth whitening for sometime as I was conscious that my teeth were appearing 'greyer' with age.

The process was very easy, the mouthguard is very light and easy to wear at night. The results were evident after 10 days of whitening overnight and I have had a few comments (from family) about the improvement and the 'new' white colour.

I am very happy with the results, much quicker than expected, very easy instructions to follow. A 'whiter' and happier

- Danuta Tinn -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Having used this dental practice for years, I was slightly nervous when the dentist I knew and trusted retired and Ash Paul took over the business. Luckily like his predecessor Ash embraced technical advances and demonstrated this in his informative and procedural approach.

I recently had work done which I had long deferred. This was to remedy vertical cracks in my upper front teeth which became weakened and stained on the crack lines.

Ash did an outstanding job and the procedure although lengthy was painless. The results were excellent both cosmetically and functionally and I must commend the whole practice for their friendly and efficient service.

- Anthony Hatch -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I have always been very nervous when attending a dental appointment. It took me a few visits to Ash to agree to the treatment he had in mind for me and I'm so glad that he persisted with me; the results are fantastic!

Throughout the appointments he was very patient and understanding, he took more time than was necessary and talked me through every step of the way. His assistant mopped up my tears and held my hand as I shook, I felt no pain whatsoever, and was delighted with the end results.

My teeth now look white and straight which has given me the confidence to smile more. I would highly recommend Ash and his team, his skill and patience makes all the difference.

- Paul Watts -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I have been receiving dental treatment from Dr Ash Paul for several years and had confidence in his approach to dental maintenance and restoration.

I had been grinding my teeth for the last 10 years resulting in considerable wear on my front top teeth. We discussed the possibility of rebuilding these and I was keen to take action.

The process and costing was printed out and easily understood by me. At the end of 5 sessions of up to 2 hours each, I am truly delighted with the result. 8 teeth were built up and they look natural, bright and very healthy. I have received many compliments from family and friends and would recommend this treatment.

- Mrs Peperell -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Going to the dentist has always been a cause of fear and dread for me (dentistry in the 1970's has a lot to answer for).

However, the care I receive from St. Anne's House has meant I can visit regularly and receive the very best of care. I would have always found a reason to cancel appointments in the past but new, from the warm welcome received from reception to the supportive and reassuring advice and expertise I receive from Ash.

I can honestly say that I would rather get the treatment needed than wriggle out of a visit, and believe me that's saying something.

- Claire Harrington -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

In December 2016 I attended the St Anne's House Dental Surgery because my rear most lower teeth had broken near the gum. An x-ray showed that there was a low level infection underneath, and as the tooth was beyond reasonable repair it needed to be extracted.

The tooth roots were 'hooked' and some of the flesh and bone would need to be removed due to the infection, so I opted to be sedated as it would clearly be a somewhat troublesome extraction. I met with Dr Ash for a pre-procedure briefing in December and he thoroughly explained the process – conscious sedation using an IV feed of sedative.

As the drug is an amnesiac it was explained that I should be accompanied, and must not drive or sign business documents ect for 24 hours. He also explained that it would cause some swelling and give a little pain for a few days. On 3 January 2017 I attended the surgery with my wife, and Dr Ash explained the procedure again with my wife in attendance.

I felt in safe hands, and my pulse rate was measured at 62 so I can't have been that nervous! Once the IV feed was inserted and the sedative pumped in I had a pleasantly 'floating' feeling, then drifted off. I remember virtually nothing about the procedure and as far as I know it was painless.

On completion my wife was brought in as I was returned to a 'fully awake' state, and then Dr Ash followed us to the car as I was a bit wobbly. On the first night I took some paracetamol etc as instructed, and slept well with just a little discomfort. Dr Ash kindly telephoned and spoke to my wife to ensure that all was well. Over the next couple of days the area did swell quite a lot as expected, but with little pain and I didn't need to take any painkillers etc.

I followed the instructions of salt mouthwash and eating soft food for a few days, and the swelling subsided. After two weeks I went back to Dr Ash for a review, and it was healing nicely. Throughout the whole process I felt in very professional care, and everything that happened was just as explained to me in advance.

Dr Ash has a very pleasant manner, and portrays a very caring and competent attitude. If you need to have a similar procedure I don't think that you could be in better hands.

- David Nind -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Having moved back from Spain to the UK, I returned to St. Anne's House Dental Practice to have extensive dental surgery carried out. Implants, crowns and veneers.

Whilst this practice has always been very good, since Dr Ash Paul has taken over it is now excellent. Ash explained in great detail the work that needed doing and provided me with a written estimate beforehand.

He continued to explain throughout my treatment was extremely patient with me. All the staff are caring and helpful and every friendly with me. I am very pleased with the end results. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Ash Paul and his

- Celia Jackson -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I wanted to replace my current bridge work with implants and with it being my two front teeth I was very anxious about how it would work, what the results would be and whether it would be worth it in the end.

During the process Ash provided all the information I needed to feel comfortable and always had time for me if I was worried about anything. The results are great and have exceeded my expectations in how they look and feel.

I think the process was well worth it.

- Helen Stroud -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Dr Paul was recommended to me by an orthodontist in London following my desire to have restorative work prior to having braces fitted. Prior to seeing Dr Paul, I had seen other cosmetic dentists and felt that there was no clear structure or long term thought in their approaches.

The difference in Dr Paul's approach and attitude was extremely refreshing. Dr Paul had a positive and encouraging attitude and was clearly so much more professional and knowledgeable than the other cosmetic dentists I had seen. He immediately looked for underlying causes and diagnosed bruxism where others had failed.

In our very first meeting, he listened carefully and was able to devise a positive restorative plan and suggest a long term preventative solution. The results of Dr Paul's work are impressive, he is highly skilled in his restorative work and my teeth look and feel great.

- Aman Uppal -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Amazing results from the implant that Ash fitted. Thank you for making it easy, relaxed and pain free. I'm extremely happy with the end result and can smile with confidence.

- Sophie Adams -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Having chipped my two front teeth as a child (dentists just filed them down in those days) and with a gap between them, I decided to do something about it.

The procedure was quite long but at no time was it painful. The end result is amazing!

They look totally natural and I have even been told they make me look younger! My only regret is that I didn't have them done sooner.

- Tessa Ebbetts -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Just like to say how friendly reception staff are, and how competent within their role. My hygienist Diane – great job, but I always get told, try harder. Then Nick my dentist, I call him the Perfectionist, always listens to the patient's needs.

- Jason Stibbs -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I suffer from sinus badly and Julie Yeung offered to try acupuncture on me. First I was apprehensive but Julie made me very relaxed. It was actually quite painless and gave me instant relief. Now I am a convert. Thank you Julie.

- Manjit Bahra -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I feel very fortunate to have Julie Yeung as my dentist. The best I have ever had, because of her professionalism, expertise, courtesy, understanding and friendliness. Could not recommend her more highly.

- MJ -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

As a very nervous patient, I can highly recommend Pav. He recently removed one of my teeth and he was extremely caring and patient, did not rush the procedure and I survived!

- Sally Coombe -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

After an hour in Pav's chair at St. Anne's House in March, I can highly recommend him to anyone looking for a first class dentist.

Having work done on your teeth is never a pleasant experience, but my visits have been close. Pav puts you at ease. Before treatment starts, he explains why the work is necessary, how he is planning to proceed and how you can expect your teeth to feel at the end of the session.

Questions are patiently answered and there is a distinct feeling of being unrushed. One week on and I received a phone call to enquire how I was, and to confirm I was happy with the treatment I received.

- Penny Baron -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Thank you very much for looking after my toothy pegs… Amazing dentist, thank you!

- Becky Belcher -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Thank you for the generous and kindly way you dealt with my troublesome tooth. Also, for allowing my treatment to go ahead despite my very senior moment in regard to the appointment time!

- Ann Lewington -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Dr Kumar is an extremely good dentist but in addition takes the time to explain in detail what your options are and what each procedure involves.

He instinctively knew I was a 'details' person and talked to me as an equal participant in the decision-making process and I never felt hurried or that he was recommending unnecessary procedures.

He is an extremely likeable and professional individual and I would highly recommend his services.

- Carol Evans -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I've been coming to St. Anne's since I was a child and continue to receive treatment there as the service is always excellent.

Therefore it came as no surprise that I achieved great results with the Invisalign treatment plan.

The removable retainers were barely visible so no one know that I was having my teeth straightened. Moreover, I only had to wear my retainers for about seven weeks – a small price to pay for a perfectly straight set of teeth.

Thank you to the very friendly and professional team at St. Anne's and especially Pav for his patience, steady hands and willingness to adjust the course to my individual needs.

- Jamie Crane -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I needed to have the veneers on my four top front teeth replaced with crowns, as they were looking stained and deteriorating from underneath. I hummed and hawed, worrying about the procedure, but finally I decided to have the work done. As always the thought was worse than the action. It was a lengthy process but not painful and the result was definitely worth it. Really happy with my new front teeth.

Thanks. Dr. Paul

Kind regards

- Erika Pibworth -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I had previously had a crown done at another dentist which not only was the wrong colour but it also showed the cement adhesive used along my gum so when I was told by Ash that I needed a crown on a different tooth I had major concerns. I spoke at length to Ash about this and he not only reassured me that he would make sure I was completely happy with the result but I wouldn't even know the work had been done.

I also decided, again with Ash's advice, to whiten my teeth before the crowns were fitted. This was a painless process and within 10 days looks fantastic and I was able to gauge myself how white I wanted them.

The crowns were done and just as Ash promised you cannot tell they aren't my own teeth, they are amazing and they fitted perfectly right from the start.

Thank you Ash for the reassurance, the patience and the time to ensure I was happy with everything done and to the rest of the staff who are always welcoming and helpful.

I recommend this practice 100%.

- Julia Barlowe -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

My name is David Pickering, I moved to Cookham Dean in 1984, and at that time registered with Robin at St Anne's, and over the following 30 plus years my family and I have always been very happy with the service that Robin and his team provided.

Imagine our horror when he announced he was retiring, but no need, somehow Pav and his team has excelled Robin (a very hard task), I have seen Pav three times in the short time he has been there, his bedside manner is excellent, he explains everything in detail, his work goes on without stress or pain, you could almost say it is a pleasure!

Well done Pav, as we say 'good man'!

- David Pickering -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

When I met Ash, last year, my teeth had been worn by many years of grinding and the enamel had become quite thin and fragile. Ash suggested that building my teeth up with some composite work could not only protect them, but restore their appearance t that of 10 to 15 years ago I was a little nervous at first, knowing nothing of this kind of procedure, but over the ensuing months Ash could not have been more informative, knowledgeable and skilled in the work he carried out with acute attention to every detail ensuring a perfect result. I am thrilled with my teeth now, and have had many positive comments. I have to wear a mouth guard at night to stop the same thing happening again, but it has been well worth it.

- Gary Berner -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I arrive at St Anne's House in Cookham with an ugly gap in my mouth. I had lost a tooth on my lower left and it was June 2015. Dr Asheesh Paul carried out a comprehensive assessment; examined the gap, took x-rays and explained in detail the treatment needed were I to proceed with an implant. Later he wrote out a detailed treatment plan that was posted to me. This allowed me further time to do my own research and ask any more questions.

The treatment itself was in three main stages after the initial assessment.

Stage 1
Removing old tooth and repair of bone. It turned out that I did not need any bone repair and my tooth was removed with relative easy. Preparing gap for implant and fitting the implant.

Stage 2
Taking impressions for the final crown.

Stage 3
Fitting the crown

After the first treatment which was the longest my face was swollen for three to five days which is considered normal and the area where the work was done was sore for a couple of weeks. It was bearable and I carried on with my normal routine.

The second and third treatment were short and I came away with a lovely tooth. The treatment was done with great care and patience.

Dr Asheesh can definitely be recommended for his work with implants and I would get an implant done again if needed.

- Jumana Jiwaji-Walia -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Ash and his team bring a gentle and highly competent perspective to the world of dentistry. Ash replaced four veneers to my top front teeth and did so with outstanding professionalism. The care and explanations during the procedure minimised any pain and anxiety normally associated with dentistry in general. OK - it's not cheap, but well worth the result. Your teeth are on show and in use every minute of the day which is worth bearing in mind when considering a purchase of similar value in an alternative field.

- Michael Phillips -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I recently undertook some composite work on my upper front teeth and would like thank Ash and the team for their support and guidance from the start of my treatment to the finished result which I am thoroughly pleased with.

- Janette Tyminski -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I was referred to hospital for extraction of my wisdom teeth, I had no correspondence for a very long time and was left in a lot of pain. I popped into the practice and spoke to Michele who I have to say was very friendly, professional and helpful. Michele took this matter into her own hands and said she would help. Thanks to Michele's help, the surgery was carried out 2 weeks later at Heatherwood Hospital (12/12/13).

Many thanks again for your help Michele!

- Sophia Mika -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I would like to thank Dr Ash Paul and his colleagues for the excellent treatment that I received recently when having a dental implant.

At all stages of treatment I was fully informed of alternative treatment options both in writing and in discussion with Dr Paul, and having made my decision care was taken to make sure that I was informed of and understood all stages of treatment. It was pain free and since my implant was close to the front of my mouth a temporary bridge was constructed to hide an unsightly gap between phases of treatment.

- Linda Addis -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

Very professional and friendly practice, and I have always been delighted with the treatments I have received.

- Christine Barber -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

As an 87 year old having moved from North Yorkshire to Maidenhead recently, I have undergone a considerable amount of cosmetic work carried out on my teeth.

They were very work because of an 'edge to edge' bite, and have been built up to improve the look and my bite. Also I have had a much improved replacement denture fitted which now feels completely natural.

I am fully satisfied with the work carried out by Dr Ash Paul and the Hygiene Team and unhesitatingly recommend the Practice in Cookham for the full range of dental treatment, and their outstanding care and attention.

- William Bradley -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I am writing to thank Dr. Asheesh Paul for completing Root Canal Treatment last Monday 18 January. The treatment concluded very satisfactorily and I have had no pain or problems in the ensuing week. Please congratulate Dr. Paul for his care professionalism.

- Geoffrey Hill -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I've been coming to this practice for more than 20 years and have never wanted to go anywhere else. The staff in reception are all so welcoming , the dental hygienists are all very pleasant and professional. The dental nurses are so lovely and kindly and my current dentist Ash has changed my life by improving my smile immeasurably.

Thank you St. Anne's House.

- Sally Crighton -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

From years of clenching and grinding my teeth at night my front teen were worn down with a short, jagged appearance. Enamel had chipped from the stems of my teeth leaving yellow patches of dentine visible. They were also very sensitive to hot and cold. Ash has built up my front teeth erasing all record of any damage. He patched up the chipped enamel and in two hours I have my new smile and no sensitivity from damaged teeth.

Thank you so much, Anna.

- Anna Hitchen -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

My implant treatment plan was very detailed and every stage was explained so I felt reassured and informed about what would be happening. The procedures were sensitively carried out by Ash, caringly assisted by Sylwia, and were comfortably pain free. The excellent aftercare from Ash and his team added to a very positive experience overall.

- Jane Ohlenschlager -
St Anne's House Dental Practice

I have been attending St. Anne's House Dental Practice for 10 years now and, although it is a good 45 minutes drive from where I live in West London, I would not go anywhere else.

I have always received excellent, pain free treatment from Robin, and now, since his departure, from Ash, who, as well as being very professional, is full of encouragement and excellent advice for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Diane is my hygienist and it is always a pleasure to see her friendly smiling face, knowing I am in very professional hands. She never fails to encourage and give sound advice regarding personal dental hygiene.

I am always made to feel calm and reassured from the whole team of wonderful staff. Everyone is so friendly and warm, particularly Michele, who never fails to treat patients like friends. If it wasn't for the drill appearing from time to time, I would say going there is like visiting family!

- Pamela Ratchford -